~contact for work - whtebkgrnd at gmail~

Shellbach, 2014
Gabardine, 2014
Watch Freak, 2014
Stan TC, 2014
The Hole, 2014
Phase Two, 2014
They Read, 2014
andcarrotrope: do you sell any of your work as posters?

i set this up with a couple of prints for now, if anyone has certain requests i will see what i can do.


i’m also looking to do more limited prints with higher quality, so if anyone has any leads please send them my way.

The Contest, 2014
'Gack, T' 2014
Of Tropic
'Jerry Soak'
RedeSein, 2014
Anonymous: how much for art?

good question and it depends on what someone has in mind, but i’m open for work at whtebkgrnd @ gmail.

i’m also available for chatting, schmoozing and questions